Weather in the 60’s

Today was another beautiful day and I didn’t have to work, and my little old lady friend didn’t want to go out, so I ran to the vet early in the morning to get more pet foods and then to Wal-Mart to get a couple groceries and some cleaning supplies and I spent most of the rest of the day scrubbing cupboards and baseboards and vacuuming cobwebs and washing all the weird stuff like curtains and rugs.  Whoever thought white in a kitchen was a good idea is just crazy! It took me forever to scrub all the white surfaces and I’m sure in two days it will be dirty again.  Then in the afternoon I went for a run and then watched the movie “The Queen” at like 5 while I was waiting for Joe to come home.  Joe worked another 13 hour day today and didn’t get home until late!  He brought home this special liquid stuff that is supposed to stop treadmill squeaks and belt slipping but when he applied it it just made the problem 10 times worse…so he didn’t get to work out because it was too late, and almost dark, to be going outside.  We’ll have to figure something out for the treadmill! After that I finished up supper quick and we had that and then went to bed shortly thereafter after Joe helped me clean up the kitchen and make our lunches and then I kept him and the dogs company on their bedtime walk.

Supper was chicken lasagna roll-ups with asparagus and garlic bread.  I’m not very good at making lasagna but these were easy enough, it is just shredded chicken, egg, cheese and sauce along with red pepper flakes and italian seasoning rolled up in individual noodles and then there is more cheese and sauce on top.  They turned out pretty tasty and there was lots left for our lunches tomorrow too.  The garlic bread was just store bought and this time it had huge chunks of garlic on it… I’ve never seen garlic bread like that before but they were crunchy and I didn’t like that as much.  If they had been roasted longer and then put on the bread it would have been way better.


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