Running and Pizza

Today Joe and I both worked early, and then I finished at 5 and Joe kept working until at least 8…he had a very long day!  It was beautiful out today full sun and everything warmed up although there was a cold breeze that qualified as more winter wind than spring breeze really.  After work yesterday I thought about running outside but I never did go so today I made a point of going… I did run/walk 2.5 miles on the treadmill this morning but it only goes uphill right now and that gets old fast… so my outside run after work was much better.  I thought about taking Cora with me but Joe took her a few days ago and I don’t think he had as much fun… she likes to try to chase cars and last year one time I took her we were two miles from home and she had a huge meltdown and decided she wasn’t going anywhere so I dragged a muddy, mean dog home and she was trying to eat her leash and bite the entire time because she’d had it with running.  So I went by myself today!  Once Joe got home from work he had to both bike and run and wasn’t finished with that until like 9 or 9:30 when we finally had some supper and then shortly thereafter headed to bed!

French bread pizza, salad with tomatoes, croutons and sunflower seeds, and grapes were for supper.  With cheesecake pudding for dessert.  Joe doesn’t like grapes so somehow when he was taking his plate his grapes fell off onto my plate 🙂

When I got home from running I walked in the door and found the dogs sitting by Buddy’s bowl (and a wrapper from a dog food can that she dug out of the trash).  Cora dragged it in here from the kitchen while I was gone, she must have been hungry and mad that I had left again without feeding her supper 🙂 Buddy wanted to be petted so he wouldn’t stand still and Cora paused for a moment from eating my shoe to sit nicely and look like a good dog.


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