Angry Birds

Has anyone else played this game before?  Apparently it is such a craze… they even sell Angry Birds bandaids. A couple of weeks ago when Joe was out of town I woke up in the middle of the night and I didn’t have to work or anything the next day so I decided I needed a snack and I actually downloaded it randomly and then spent the next couple of hours playing it! Of all the things I don’t need to waste my time on 🙂 But you get stuck on it and just keep playing!  Shortly after I got it I  got stuck on a level and just couldn’t get it to go, but then the other day some ladies were talking about it at work and one of them told me how to do extra things in the game and now I’m like 20 levels past where I was stuck and I keep going back to play it! How dumb! But catching!

For anyone who doesn’t know… all you do in the game is use a sling shot with birds as ammo (apparently angry birds, they make scowly noises) and you shoot them at different towers and fortifications where little green pigs are hiding and you try to kill all the pigs.  Over and over. There are a few breeds of birds and different sizes and types of pigs and towers but everytime.. you try to aim your birds at the pigs to get them.  That’s all!  I’ve even stooped so low as to look up online how to get past a level so I could move on!


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