Cora Ate Our New Bed

Tonight after work I came home for about an hour and a half to feed everyone and walk the dogs before I headed back out to get my hair cut and then I met Joe at a local restaurant where he was having supper with a bunch of people from his week-long Clean Snowmobile event and I got to have some supper with them too and then we went to a local bar for a little bit to visit.  It is very rare for Joe and I to go out like that and Cora was super pissed about it… so she ate our new bed. The one we’ve had for like a week or two now!  Just after we first got it and it was expanding I accidentally let her ‘sample’ the bed because I was getting my running shoes and I let her come in the room with me and two seconds later she had a piece of foam in her mouth.  So she must have gotten a taste for it and today we didn’t close our bedroom door (she has been eating books too so we were closing it for awhile but thought she’d be ok and left it open again… unfortunate for us!)

Luckily this is way down on my side of the bed by my feet and she only ripped open the sheets and the first layer of foam which happens to be the cheapest when we decide to replace it.  For now I stuffed the foam back in and covered the whole thing with duct tape and I can’t even tell the difference. We had a mattress pad on the bed at first, which may have stopped her, but I got a waterproof one in case we had drinks in bed and spilled (mostly me because when Joe is out of town I take popcorn and chocolate milk to bed and wanted to be safe!) but the mattress pad was making us so hot at night with the foam that we took it off and didn’t get a different one yet… and then she ate our mattress.  We can’t have anything nice!  🙂



2 thoughts on “Cora Ate Our New Bed

    • That is a lot nicer than what I was thinking when I first saw it! 🙂 We forgave her pretty quick though and it was probably a good thing that we’d had a good supper and a couple of drinks before we got home too!

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