Mud Season

It’s time again for mud season! Pretty much the month of March and some of April… the time when the weather fluctuates between cold and warm, the air starts smelling like spring again but before anything is growing much yet and you never know if you’re going to get a snowstorm where you can hardly see, or a warm sunny day that you have to find shorts for.  The snow melt is nice and I like the warm sunny days, Joe and are are ready to go outside for workouts again, but the resulting mud and muck mess is a bit gross and I always look forward to May and June when it is still cooler outside but mostly dry.  Mud season involves constantly wet pants and shoes, a disgusting mess in the chicken coop, always wet and muddy dogs that dry and leave little piles of sand and dirt in the house and lots of sweeping and vacuuming! But it means nicer weather is on its way too!

The bird feeder looks like I dumped a whole bag of feed all over because of all the little pieces leftover from the winter that got buried in the snow or cracked open and eaten.


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