How Buddy Eats

Buddy is so spoiled and he now prefers to eat from a spoon. The first few days when we found out he was sick we wanted him to start eating again so I offered him his food on a spoon when he wouldn’t eat from the bowl.  And now, he thinks he is better than just a bowl and we just feed him with a spoon all the time.  Sometimes I take his food up and feed it to him during his injections and sometimes he eats in the kitchen with Cora.  Either way Cora wants to eat from a spoon so bad too but we only give her a bite or two occasionally because she is not even 2 yet and we’re not feeding another dog with a spoon for like 10 more years! Dogs eat from bowls. So we’re trying to keep Cora away from thinking she eats with a spoon too! 🙂 She does get to eat all the bits that Buddy drops and she scoots around him licking up anything she can and then once in awhile if there is a tiny bit left and Buddy doesn’t want it she will get that too… not only does she love eating from a spoon, she loves his food too!


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