Late Night – Easy Food

Tonight I worked until 7:30 and Joe is just starting the Clean Snow Mobile Challenge this week so he was working late doing inspections on students’ snowmobiles to determine if they would be participating tomorrow or not.  After work I did a bit of shopping, forgetting the most important things I was supposed to buy.. milk, wet cat food and bedding for my rabbit cages… but we can make it through tomorrow fine and I will remember them this time.  I did manage to buy steamable asparagus, bread sticks, and fried chicken from the deli which is serving as our easy supper tonight.  Now at 9:52 Joe is still upstairs running (I ran at the track at the school this morning because it is spring break and it was quiet!) and I’m down here catching up on chores, my blog and picking at my supper.  Joe may eat when he is finished if he is hungry and then we’ll probably head to bed!  I still have to put laundry in the dryer, Buddy needs his fluid injections and technically I should vacuum because Cora ate pieces from a handful of books today.  Her new fun is to go over to Joe’s bookshelf when we leave in the morning and sample his books… we’ve starting closing our bedroom door but today we didn’t and she went for them. Usually it is just the covers and edges though so they are still readable.

It might not be the healthiest for us but at least I hit 4 food groups and it is still better than fast food!  I’ve never had deli fried chicken, or prebagged, microwavable, steamable asparagus from Walmart before but they both taste pretty good.  The bread is foccacia bread that I cut into slices and melted a bit of cheese on them.  And for a busy night that I didn’t really plan ahead for, it works! Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Late Night – Easy Food

  1. Running at 9:52 at night- from my perspective that defines dedication! Bring on the fried chicken. By the sound of it, Maddie, you do much more than we do at 9:52 as well.

    • He does have dedication! If I don’t get up and do my own running right away then I will never do it but Joe goes to work all day and then comes home and does animals when I’m not home and then still works out…I’d never get that far! Too bad he wasn’t a fan of Wal-Mart fried chicken, but oh well! Now I know for next time!

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