Made up Taco Soup

I worked late tonight and we got a ton of snow again yesterday – schools were closed and even a lot of businesses, so Joe was busy working out, feeding animals, plowing, and shoveling off the roof before I got home. So once I got home it was pretty late, pretty much 9:30 and he was tired and I normally don’t want to cook so late so I’m glad I made up some soup in the crockpot earlier and we could just eat that and head to bed.

My soup included 1-64oz bottle of V8, one large can of whole tomatoes (they cooked and broke up easy in the crockpot before we ate), 1 bag of dried pinto beans, 1 onion chopped, 1/2 of a small beef roast (shredded just before we ate soup), 1-2 cups of frozen corn, 4 cups of water and a bunch of taco seasoning and chilli powder.  We had it with tortilla chips and cheese so it was fast and easy.


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