Our New Bed!

Our new kin-sized bed frame came today and after work we put it together! Mostly I sat on the floor keeping Joe company with Buddy, Cora and Chloe while Joe put the bed together for us.  I did hand him screws a couple of times but that is about it 🙂

Joe picked out the frame all by himself, I didn’t see it until it got here, but I think he did a good job and it looks great in our room!  It is a brushed steel bed, pretty much black but not super shiny.  It matches the tables that I painted black last year.

It even has a footboard, and it takes up almost our whole bedroom although there is still enough room for the dogs and for Joe to walk around the bed to get to his spot because he sleeps closer to the far wall (and the air conditioner in the summer which works perfectly!).

Before we finished making the bed for my pictures we all had to lay in it and relax.  Joe boosted Buddy up and he promptly sat himself in the middle, took advantage of Joe’s pillow, and didn’t want to get off when we told him he had to move now!


2 thoughts on “Our New Bed!

    • I bet there would be enough room for both your dogs too! And now that Cora has sampled it and tested it out she could show them the best spots 🙂

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