Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner and some Snow

I didn’t do too much today, Joe was out of town this weekend and while I could have done a bunch of cleaning or gotten out my sewing machine to make something I decided to watch some movies and read my book for the better part of the day.  I did spend some time vacuuming and of course walking and feeding  animals multiple times during the day and for a short time I decided to make some homemade shampoo and conditioner.

For the shampoo I used some of my leftover soap nuts, I still have a big bag of them from when I was using them for laundry.  All I did was boil about 20 of them in 5 cups of water for about a half an hour and then I strained them and that was that.




The conditioner recipe I got here and it included 2.5 cups of hot water, 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 tea bag (any), and about 2tsp rosemary.  I didn’t want to strain it so I opened the teabag and added my rosemary right into it and then tied it back up and steeped it all like tea.  I even just left the teabag in there.


Conditioner on the left, Shampoo on the right.  I did use them today and they seemed to work ok I guess, but they are more difficult to use because they are so watery and I put them in canning jars.  Maybe if they were in a squeeze bottle it would be easier.  I’m going to try them for a few more days to see how I really feel about them … we’ll see!

My car this morning when it first starting to snow…

My car later in the day.  Can you see the big flock of morning doves in the tree behind my car? They have been sitting there all day and sometimes they will go to the bird feeder and eat and then go back up to the tree.  I feel bad going outside because it scares them off!

Our evening walk, around 6pm or so. Also the third new trail we had to blaze because the snow kept covering it up!


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