The post where I burn my hand.

Today was a good day! Joe and I both worked early but he has clients once again so I am on my own tonight for supper anyways.  Joe won’t be home too late and he will take the dogs out for one last walk which is super nice… I hate going around the pole barn by myself in the dark.  For supper I decided to make myself spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread with leftovers for our lunches tomorrow.  Unfortunately when I was taking the pan of meatballs out to add the garlic bread and finish cooking I grabbed the pan bare handed when I was putting it back into the oven and burnt myself good. As I type there is an ice pack in my lap and I am icing and then typing and then icing and typing.  So my post will be shorter than I had planned!

What a dumb mistake! You can see the worst of my burn between my hand and thumb but it goes all the way across my hand and my other hand got a couple small ones too.  And for how bad it doesn’t look in the picture it hurts like heck! How dumb!

Our lunches tomorrow include spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, homemade (without oil!) zucchini-carrot bread, homemade yogurt/applesauce for me, string cheese for Joe and small bags of tasty dried fruit.  I just got them in the mail today, they were a bit pricey but so far they are tasty.  I got 4 kinds and will share them with you more when my hand doesn’t hurt!

For now I am going to take my ice pack, my supper and my book over to the couch to watch 3 episodes of 19 Kids and Counting and then I will probably head to bed with some popcorn depending on how my hand feels…it is my good hand of course. My fork holding, popcorn eating hand! So bummed!


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