Our Sunday at Home

This morning Cora woke me up at around 7:45 and I tried so hard to pretend I was still fast asleep but she kept jumping on the bed and scratching her neck to make her collar tags jingle and it was so annoying so I finally got up! It was a beautiful morning and I got everyone fed and fixed up and then shortly thereafter Joe woke up as well and we had Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for breakfast.  This past week we’ve had colds around here so we decided not to go swimming today and just stayed around here with no major commitments.  We both did run upstairs on our treadmill and after our showers we put comfy clothes right back on!  For lunch we had french bread pizza with marinara sauce, tomato, wilted spinache, red pepper, red onion and pepperoni.  Joe worked on his faceting machine and I made some meal plans and read about Super Foods.

This handsome guy was hanging out at our bird feeder for a very long time today along with some grey squirrels, morning doves and little chickadees as well.  Joe told me today that he heard Houghton considered banning feeding animals because some people complained.  Really?  I can see not feeding bears obviously… but what is this little squirrel hurting if he wants to come to my house for a snack? How dumb! Especially coming from a town in the middle of nowhere that is chock full of animals… they will be around whether you feed them or not!  Good thing we live in a township.  I’d keep putting out bird seed even if it was banned.

This evening we had shepherds pie and wilted spinach salad for supper but it all turned out only Ok.  Now we are watching our Worst Cooks in America show with some popcorn and then we’ll take the dogs out and Joe will do Buddys injection for the night and we’ll head to bed!


One thought on “Our Sunday at Home

  1. It’s a bird feeder. Houghton will have to prosecute the squirrels, which begs the question about who’s the squirreliest…

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