Catching Mice

I’m sure I have mentioned the mice are back this winter already, but I don’t know if I have mentioned how much smarter they are this year than last year!  Last year we caught about 8 and that was it.  This year the cats have caught a whole one mouse and Joe and I have seen them running around in the kitchen, laundry room and dining room.  It may be the same mouse or just a couple…we don’t see them all the time and we’re not overrun by mice or anything but every once in awhile one will run behind the stove, or I caught one running past the litter box.  I haven’t found any mouse poop around except in the two places we usually find it (in one corner behind the couch and in the cabinet under the sink where they can climb up through the hole the pipes come through from the basement) so I don’t think there are that many of them or anything…just a couple extra sneaky ones.  We set our live trap again this year but no one took the bait and then Cora did take the bait and ripped the trap in half so that it is now out of commission.  Thankfully Chloe is on top of things and she has our mouse security in her mind… I don’t know that she is capable of catching them very often (I do think it was her that caught the one mouse we have caught this year) but maybe she will scare them enough to move out!

She was running around hearing things in our mudroom but I looked and couldn’t find a mouse myself but maybe it was hiding.  She was convinced there was something to be found.  This picture reminds me of Winnie-the-Pooh when he gets himself stuck in the hole because he ate too much honey.


2 thoughts on “Catching Mice

  1. You should try some spray insulation for the holes under the sink where the pipes come through. It comes in a can about the size of a spray paint can & you can get it at WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, almost any hardware store. When you spray it in the hole it expands, so you don’t have to use a lot.

    • That’s a good idea, I have seen the stuff on TV shows but I never even thought of it! It wouldn’t be so bad but then they climb through the hole where the dishwasher water goes to the dishwasher through the cupboard wall and then they can sneak out past the side of the dishwasher and into the kitchen! I don’t think that is their only way into the upstairs of the house but I think it is a common way!

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