Burnt Pizza and Early Bedtime

Monday and Tuesday of this week I worked until 9 so Joe was here by himself.  Then when I had a couple of early days Joe ended up needed to go out with clients who had come up to visit his work.  So our schedules didn’t really work well together.  Tonight I was on my own with all the animals and for supper and I could have cooked something but it seemed like a lot of work for just one person so I decided to make frozen pizza instead.  I fed everyone and did Buddy’s injection and all I had left was the chickens so I put my pizza into the oven and went outside to get them food and water and somehow I took too long and just barely made it back to get my pizza out without burning it so bad that it would have been inedible.  As it was the top was ok, just dark, and the bottom did have some burnt, black bits but I ate it anyways!

After supper I decided to just go up to bed instead of watching T.V. etc. and I was in bed before 9 and very much asleep by the time Joe got home around 11 or 11:30 or so.  Cora always wakes me up though with her guard dog barking when he comes home so I can wake up and say hello and talk for a bit before we both go back to sleep!


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