Happy Valentine’s Day

Joe and I don’t normally do a ton for Valentine’s Day, sometimes we eat something good or have cards or something like that, but we don’t make it a huge deal like some people do with big presents and fancy suppers and getting dressed up.  And this year I also worked 12:30-9 so we couldn’t have done much in the evening anyways.  This morning though I did go up to Calumet to see if I could find a new mileage counter for Joe’s bike… you may have noticed that he has mentioned his is no longer working in his Twitter feed. I did find one but it wasn’t quite right so I asked the guy if Joe could bring it back if he didn’t like it and the man said yes.  Joe did decide to take it back because he had one picked out on Amazon but it didn’t go as easily as it was supposed to so now they are ordering one for him instead of just taking it back.

So my Valentine’s idea for a present totally didn’t work and made more of a hassle for Joe!  Kind of a bummer, and then when I got home he said he had ordered something for me that I’d been wanting for ever and ever… a new bed! Technically I think it is a gift for both of us since we’ll both be happy with it! Our bed right now is Joe’s college bed that he got from craigslist (mine is the futon that the dogs like sleeping on now!).  We’ve had it for 5-6 years now and who knows how long the person had it before us so it is getting a bit old and it is only a full size bed so it is pretty small.  It was totally fine when we were dating and had one dog and one cat but now there are 2 dogs and 3 cats and while Buddy doesn’t climb into bed very often anymore, on any given night there is some combination of hte other 4 with us and we just need more space!  I’ve been asking for a new bed for a long time but they are so expensive and to get anything bigger than a full size we would have had to pay more to get either a special foam bed or a split bed because even the full size box spring was almost impossible to get into the house and up our stairs.  But Joe surprised me by figuring out a way to get a king sized bed for us that wasn’t too expensive!  He ordered three cut-to-size (made for mattresses) sheets of memory foam which will come vacuum sealed so we can get them up our stairs. Then we’ll just have to get the glue to put the sheets together (5 inches of heavier foam, 3 inches of medium foam, and 2 inches of softer foam for the top)  which is a lot less expensive than purchasing a huge 10inch memory foam mattress right off.  We’ll build our own platform frame for it and then we’ll be all set!

Our bed didn’t last too long on this wall.  I liked it because it looked nicer but Joe hated it so eventually I put it back on the wall to the right which worked out well because that is the wall our new bed will have to be on… it wouldn’t fit very well this direction.  The new one won’t be here for a couple of weeks and then we still need to put it all together but I can’t wait!  I think I might just lay in it all day and use up some of my sick time for work 🙂


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