Another vet trip for Buddy

Buddy went to the vet for another checkup today and his numbers still aren’t amazing.  We were so sure they were good now, and while they were better, we still have another 10 days of injections to go before they recheck him again!  Poor dog, but we are getting good at it and it goes quickly and easily 99% of the time!

Cora loves to be in Buddy’s face and he is so good about it now that he knows and just turns his head.  He is so patient and gentle with her now after the one incident when she was a baby 🙂  He had just finished an injection here and I let her out (I keep her in another room while we do it so she can’t bug him during it) and she was running to find him.

Between more food and injection bags at the vet today I told the ladies I should probably bring a wheel barrow in with me next time so I can get it all out to the car! Thankfully Buddy seems to be feeling better enough to not need his anti-nausea medicine so that was one thing I didn’t need to pick up from the vet today.


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