Sunny Sunday

This morning was really beautiful out.  It was reasonably warm and the sun came up and the dogs and I had a nice morning walk.


After breakfast I went upstairs to run while Joe worked on projects and watched T.V. downstairs and then mid-afternoon we went swimming at the SDC.  It was incredibly busy and we had to wait for a lane to swim together.  Usually we get the lane next to the wall which I like because I can have the wall if I need it and I can use the ladder to get into and out of the pool without swimming under the lane dividers because I don’t like getting my face wet.  Unfortunately this week there was a lady sort of swimming in that lane… although she was only kind of swimming with a noodle and other floats and mostly she was just floating so she could have probably done that in the empty dive pool or in the free swim area.  When we got there there was a man in the lane next to her but we waited and he was the first to leave so we took that one.  I’m not graceful getting into or out of the pool without the ladder but I made it!  Four of the other 6 lanes were taken up by four foreign women who didn’t really want to swim either.  When we got there they were all standing on the end of their respective lanes talking to one another and not swimming.  Not to mention that they should have only taken up two lanes by swimming with each other! It was super irritating.  After we got a lane to swim in the life guard finally went over and spoke to two of the ladies telling them they should share and actually swim or let other people use the lanes.  So two of them moved together and the other two stayed separate and they swam an occasional lap between talking.  How frustrating! The last two lanes are usually left open for open swim and there were tons of parents and babies and kids playing over there… if it had been empty we could have just swam there until someone wanted to use it but everything was full.  It was definitely not the best day we’ve had at the pool and I’m hoping there are no repeats!

After our swimming we picked up some lunch and headed home to relax for the afternoon and then we had our TV shows on Sunday nights that we usually watch.  They tend to switch between various cooking competition shows, today was the first episode of Worst Cooks in America with Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay so that is our new show that we’ll be watching on Sundays.  I don’t cook that well, but I’m so thankful I’m not that bad!


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