Windy, Blowing Saturday, Roast Trout and Carnival

Joe and I were both off from work today and we both happened to be up pretty early.  We had cottage cheese and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cinnamon rolls from a can though because mine weren’t very good a couple of weeks ago… these were much, much better! And then Joe headed up to do his running while I totally took a morning nap on the couch.  Today was my off day so I didn’t do any sort of workout myself. Once Joe was finished we both got ready and made a much needed trip to the dump… we had 10 bags of trash and it was about time we went! It is super windy out today and the snow was blowing all over the place.  After the dump we went to the mall and wandered around a craft show and some consignment stores although we didn’t find anything we wanted to buy.

On the way home we were right next to an accident… I’m not sure what happened but two cars grazed each other and went out of control.  The back bumper pieces of the SUV, driven by what looked like a teenage girl, was almost torn completely off and the smaller car spun and stopped in the middle of the road.  One car was going each way… thankfully Joe and I were in the next lane over and the cars didn’t  touch us.  At first we didn’t know if we had been grazed or not ourselves because we just heard a huge noise and saw the SUV spinning… everyone seemed to be ok and the two cars didn’t hit anyone else which was wonderful…it was on a busy road right at an intersection (for the local people… the intersection by Perkins/Econo/Pizza Hut at the light) and it could have been much worse!

I don’t think I have mentioned it but this weekend was Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech (Click on that link to go to the official website to learn more). and there are loads of non-local people crawling all over the area! Carnival begins at the beginning of the month with some statue building and competitions for Carnival Queen and then the official actual Carnival lasts from Wednesday night through Sunday with activities and snow statues…the Wednesday night of Carnival is always the ‘All-Nighter’ where students are out all night creating or finishing their snow statues and there is food and music etc.  In fact, we could hear the music here in Dollar Bay this year…it was loud.  Some student groups build month long statues while others only build statues for the all-nighter.  Joe and I used to go out and participate when we were students but now all I can think of is the loads of people, super load music and freezing cold.  I will pass.  I didn’t even know the theme this year until a couple of days ago!

One of our last stops today was Peterson’s Fish Market where we picked up some smoked Salmon, some fish spread and a whole trout for supper.  Joe cooked us roast trout with potatoes, bok choy, mushrooms and a very tasty sauce.  I could have eaten a whole big bowful of just the vegetables!

We had it with some mozzarella salad from the Co-Op too.  Joe saved the fish head and some of the bones to make fish stock from… I put it in a bag in the freezer to store until there are enough remains to make it, just like making chicken stock.. Now we have bags for both in the freezer slowly filling up. Mmm.

Here are some old Carnival pictures from my searches…

Winter Carnival 2005.  The theme was something about fish or the ocean or something like that. I was a part of Circle K – which is a service organization related to Kiwanis, and this is what we made for the one-night statue competition. 🙂

Here is an example of what some of the month long statues come out like.  They can be very detailed and beautiful.  Now that I am looking at old pictures I get the urge to go to campus and see the new statues… we might have to tomorrow!


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