Wintery Weather

Today I slept in a bit because I worked a later shift while Joe had to get up early to go to his work.  After Joe was finished he came home and hung out with the dogs and took care of Buddy’s injection but then his friends are in town for the week so he headed out to hang out with them too so that by the time I was done with work he was already gone and by the time he got home I was already asleep… so we didn’t see each other much today!  Good thing I have the weekend off so we’ll have plenty of time together then.

Everything else was a normal day around here for us feeding everything and I did some laundry. It is Joe’s workout day off for the week and also my milk share day so I picked up my milk this afternoon on my lunch because I never make it early enough to town.  Originally I was planning on going to the SDC  (gym) to workout but ended up just running instead here at home.  I like the SDC and there is different equipment there but I am always freezing when I take a shower there and it is a pain to pack clothes with me if I go before work – I’m always afraid I will forget something.  They do have really nice head level hand/hair dryers though so I can dry my hair quickly and straight when I am there, otherwise a lot of days my hair air dries in a pony tail and I call it good because it takes awhile to dry.  It might be about time for a hair cut!

No pictures from earlier in the day but I did open the back door briefly.  It has gotten very cold and windy out.


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