Buddy’s Kidney Failure

Buddy went to the vet today for some routine shots and we mentioned some things we had been noticing about him like his weight loss and finickiness about food lately.  The vet was worried about his weight and that he looked a bit pale in his mouth so they immediately did blood work and discovered that he has pretty bad kidney failure.  The vet said that his levels were so high that many other dogs would be a lot sicker than he was today and that his body has been trying to compensate pretty good.  Ideally she wanted to keep him there for a couple of days to give him I.V. fluids but she said that because his body was compensating well still that we could possibly try to bring him home and see if we can get him a bit better by Monday.  Because she gave us the option we decided to bring him home, get him on medicine and new food and see if we can’t get his fluid levels better by Monday.  Monday afternoon he goes back to the vet to be retested and if he is still dehydrated and not doing well he will be staying at the vet’s office to get his fluids then.

Big Guy came home with two samples of dry kidney food (the vet was so kind, look at all that dry food they just gave us!) and then we purchased two kinds of canned wet food to try as well.  They gave him an anti-nausea shot and sent him home with nausea meds as well and he will also be on Maalox to help get his phosphorous levels back to normal. Buddy doesn’t appreciate the mint taste but he has been so good today and took his two doses like a champ.  He has already eaten three small meals of kidney diet food (apparently he really likes it, or possibly the anti-nausea medicine helped his tummy and he is finally really hungry and feels like he can eat) which is more than he has eaten in awhile and he seems pretty happy!  This afternoon he was more active than he has been too and he followed me all around the house… I kind of think he was hungry and wanted something more to eat because I fed him supper and then a couple of hours later a snack and he ate it all!  Cora also likes the food and wants to eat it so bad but she has to stay on her normal dog food because she needs the higher protein.  Conveniently, Buddy is the second animal on prescription food since Chloe is on a cat weight loss food, and of course the other two cats just love her food too! The grass is always greener!

Crossing our fingers that his anti-nausea pills make him feel better so he will want to eat his food, that the Maalox will help his phosphorous levels, and that all of that will help his body work better and process better so his fluid levels rise and he doesn’t have to get an I.V! And finally that everything will help him stay healthy and be happy with us for a good while longer! Wish us luck and stay tuned for Monday when we find out for sure!


6 thoughts on “Buddy’s Kidney Failure

    • Thank you! We hope so too, we’ve never had an old dog before and I feel so bad for him. At least if he is happy and comfortable it isn’t so bad.

  1. Reka’s been on Canine K/D since she was 2 years old for a different kind of kidney disorder. It’s a great product.


    • Thank you! It’s good to know that it works so well and he seems to like it, he is still asleep now (Cora and sometimes Chloe are the only ones who wake up with me anymore) but hopefully he continues to like it today too!

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