Pantry Day

Today I decided I just had to clean out our pantry again.  It is one of my favourite rooms, I love it, but it aggravates me after awhile when it becomes messy and disorganized.  So today I hauled almost everything out and did a bit of organizing and cleaning!  And now I’m in love with it again! The only thing that would make it even better would be to have built in custom shelves… that I would love times two or three!

All of this came out of the pantry and there was still a bunch to go!  After everything was out I swept and dusted before putting everything back in!

Our pantry was originally just an unused side porch.  It still has singles on the old outside wall of the house and it must have been uncovered at one point but then they covered it and put in a bench and a couple shelves to make a little mudroom.  That door leads to an even older screen door, old concrete steps and then our well is just a few feet away. For pictures of how the porch was when we moved in go here to see my original post. We have added a few more shelves and a lot more stuff since then!

There were hooks all over the wall already so we take advantage of them to store weird things like Buddy’s life jacket, my rifle, and beer brewing supplies.  The bench opens up and there is less used stuff stored inside.

Shelves up above…totally full now with smaller pots, manual kitchen appliances, kleenex, lightbulbs etc.

I added one more set of shelves today to store some bigger pots and canning jars.


2 thoughts on “Pantry Day

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