Confused Breakfast

Often on my weekend days off I will make something for us for breakfast. During the week I usually eat peanut butter and jelly toast or oatmeal and Joe doesn’t like to have breakfast so he passes on all days except lazy weekend days when breakfast is more like brunch.  Those breakfasts are things like biscuits and gravy, pancakes or french toast and bacon, eggs and corned beef hash etc.  Except now that we both do workouts and especially before we swim, Joe doesn’t like to have a huge breakfast.  Nothing will haunt you more than a huge, heavy breakfast right before a long run or a hard swim! So, instead of a heavy breakfast yesterday I thought I would make something lighter and easier to digest for us.  I briefly looked up some recipes for cinnamon rolls and then I went to work.

I figured I would add in some flax seed and some apples and walnut pieces to make it even healthier and it would turn out nice, tasty, light and good for us.  Well, I did add in flax, apples and walnuts… and they turned out reasonable… edible anyways, not like Cinnabon or even the nice Pillsbury ones from a can that you can bake up quick and they are super tasty.  But I figured they were healthier, so it was ok that my made up recipe was only iffy on taste.  Except after breakfast I checked out the nutrition for them and realized that they were so not good for us!  It would have been better for me to make a normal pancake and bacon breakfast instead! In fact, I think that ones from the store or a can would have been better for us! Those with some sliced apple on the side would have been tastier and healthier! Who knew! I think next time I will just give us cottage cheese for breakfast, or granola bars or something.  That sounds much better.

Lesson Learned!  Calculate nutrition on a recipe before I make it 🙂 And possibly, if I am going to make something unhealthy for us I might as well skip the healthy bits like flax seed and just go all out so that at least it is super tasty!


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