Spring Rolls and Crab Legs

Joe and I were both off today so we did our swimming and a bit of shopping and hung out together for the day.  Lately we’ve been swimming on Sunday’s but this time I work Sunday and have Saturday off so we swam today instead so I could go too. We also updated our memberships (it isn’t free but we do get over $200 off because of Joe so that’s very nice! And what we do pay comes right out of his paycheck so we never even see it anyways) and this time I got a locker too.  Joe has had a locker for over a year now and I normally just bring my bag and use one temporarily but this time I decided I wanted one too so Joe signed me up for one in a secondary locker room which I think I am excited about… I haven’t seen it yet but it has its’ own door lock and it should be quieter and smaller which will be nice when the main locker room is packed.  Joe has his own locker in the men’s other locker room as well and he likes it.  So we’ll see!

This evening I did have a quick work meeting at 7pm so Joe drove me to town and while I was at my meeting he went shopping at another nearby store for a bunch of groceries for supper.  We were home close to 8:30 so supper was a bit later than most people eat, but we often eat that late so it wasn’t so bad!  Joe made us homemade spring rolls with beef, red pepper and bean sprouts and then he also made us crab legs which were super good!  Usually we only eat crab legs at Bridgefest/Seafood fest so this was extra nice and the spring rolls were very tasty too! We had those with wasabi-soy sauce, which I could probably eat everyday and not get tired of it.  Mmm.

Joe says spring rolls can be eaten plain, deep fried or baked.  Our were baked so that they were healthier for us and I thought they turned out great!  We also had some wine and some cheesecake for dessert!



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