Soup, Salad and Woodchips

Joe and I were around the house today for the most part, although we did go swimming for a little bit in the afternoon.  Joe does his training laps and I swim my own laps slower next to him just for fun.  The water was absolutely frigid today.  The first week I went with Joe the water was like bathwater and I loved it…it was fun to climb in.  Last week it was a bit colder but after I went in I warmed up within a few seconds.  This week I was freezing for almost two laps and then finally my goose bumps went away but if I stopped for even a moment I felt the cold again… and even Joe said it was the coldest he’d ever felt it.  I hope it isn’t a water temperature trend and that it goes back the other way soon!

We had pizza for lunch around 4pm so we didn’t really eat a huge supper at 8 when we finally got around to it. We had leftover fish soup and salad with a bunch of vegetables.  It was pretty tasty for being an easy supper.

While we were swimming all of the animals were behaving except this one.  I should mention too that I vacuumed this room only like 6 hours before and it was so nice looking.  Somehow, Cora decided to open a bag of rabbit bedding, tiny little shreds of pine, and spread them all out.  She also ripped numerous holes in the bag so that no matter how I touch it I will spill more until it is gone (or until I get tired of it and dump it into a trash bag!).  Thank goodness only a small portion of the bag is on the floor, I don’t even want to know how much of a mess the entire bag would have been! On the positive side, the room smelled nice and fresh and woodsy which was a bonus!



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