A Whole Fish for Supper

Today Joe and I went to the fish market and Joe picked out an entire fish, with head and everything for us to eat for supper.

Thankfully it was gutted, so Joe just had to fillet it, and then he used the head and bones to make fish stock for some soup.

We had breaded fish sticks and fish soup all from the same fish.  The fish sticks were more like nuggets, there was a lot of fish in each one.  The breading was made from blue corn meal and then spices and seasonings that I’m not totally sure on… it was good though!  The soup had big chunks of garlic and potato in it and I think there was some pureed broccoli and maybe mushroom in there as well, and I know there was some green onion.  We didn’t have any fish nuggets leftover but there was just enough soup left for us to save for later.


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