Vacation Week

This week out of the 7 days I only worked Saturday and then Tuesday and Friday.  I had Sunday and today off and then I will have Wednesday and Thursday off and then nicely I happen to have next weekend off as well.  I’m using up a few of my last vacation days before the end of February when they reset so this week is a pretty easy going relaxing week.  Too bad I’ll get used to it and next week will be tough!  Somehow this year I didn’t plan that well with my vacation and ended up with a few extra days.  I think I will do better this coming year!

Cora playing… Joe’s family might recognize this as her Christmas toy but she managed to untie the knots and unravel it one day so I tied a bunch of new knots in it.  It’s a little bit longer than it was because I couldn’t fix it quite the same as it was but she still plays with it!

Anyways today I took my elderly friend Eleanor out and then I came home and did tons of laundry… all the sheets and couch blankets and clothes, the only laundry I didn’t do was the curtains which I may do later in the week.  I did a lot of sweeping and vacuuming and emptying trash cans.  Just normal things that we normally do but I tried to do it all mostly today so the rest of the week I wouldn’t have to and I could do fun things like get one of the looms out or some of my basket weaving supplies… we’ll see!  Joe had to work today and has to work all week but we will have the weekend off together which will be nice!




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