Animal Pictures

Today was a catch up kind of day for Joe to settle back in at home and he also had to go out and plow because we got quite a bit of snow while he was away and I’m not very familiar with the plow.  I had to work myself and afterwards we had an easy supper and watched some T.V. together with the dogs.  So, I thought I would share some pictures of our animals that I’ve taken.  Or at least, the bigger 5 of them anyways.

Hanging out on the floor together.  These two drive me totally nuts because one second they sit next to each other fine and the next the cat is whining/growling because the dog is nosing her too hard or accidentally stepped on her.  I’m constantly shouting at them to quit it.  We joke that Chloe is our third dog because she hangs out with the dogs, doesn’t even like the other two cats, and tends to act more like a dog… meeting us at the door and begging for food!

Ocean just finishing her inspection of the chicken cooking in the crockpot.

Cora playing with her new bottle toy cover.  She loves plastic bottles and we finally found a cover that you can shove a bottle into and then she can squish it and gnaw on it.  She would be totally happy with just a plain bottle but I thought it was cute!

Ocean and Pinga hanging out on the top of my craft buckets, waiting for their supper.  This is where Pinga stays most of the time although occasionally she hops down, or one of us makers her get down to go somewhere else for a change.  Sometimes we will bring her to bed with us, and the other day I took her into our workout room with me for something different.

Buddy relaxing in our office room.  He was actually awake here but I think he was about to fall asleep again.  He sleeps a lot now.

Cora and Chloe sharing a bowl for supper.  Chloe should have been eating her diet food and not the dog food but they were too cute so I let her eat it instead of moving her.  Cora didn’t even care one bit!


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