Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Most of our lightbulbs are energy efficient here now, there are only a few left that we’ll switch over once they burn out.  I like the energy efficient ones, it is an easy step towards being a big ‘greener’ and it doesn’t take any extra effort over using regular light bulbs so it couldn’t be any easier.  I found out today though that some of our light fixtures don’t work with energy efficient bulbs that are longer than their regular counterparts!

This light is above our kitchen sink and we have been using it more lately because one of our regular kitchen lights is burnt out and I haven’t taken the time to replace it yet.  That fixture will hold efficient bulbs but this one the glass bulb is too short and I will have to buy a regular pack of light bulbs instead!  And yes, that is a little bit of Christmas that I forgot to take down.  I keep noticing it but haven’t removed it from the kitchen yet!


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