January Thaw

This winter has been extremely mild. We haven’t had much snow and there have been a lot of warm, melty days.  My elderly friend Eleanor calls this ‘January thaw’ but I’m pretty sure to have a January thaw you need to have a November/December freeze first and we really didn’t get much of that this year!  So many people are happy about the lack of cold and snow and depending on who you ask up here they will try to tell you that nothing is wrong and that this is just a natural cycle.  Joe and I are global warming people though and I think there is something very, undeniably wrong.  Granted, this is only my tenth winter here in the U.P. but even compared to some of my earlier winters the past couple of winters have been mild with this year being the worst yet.  At least the last few years we had a reasonable amount of snow by now!

I know it is only January, and I may eat my words here in February and March, but so far this winter I think we have seen a lot more pavement than we are supposed to.  As soon as there is a base of snow, it gets to be 45 outside and everything melts.

January 2011.

January 2010.

January 2009.  Joe and his friends did a polar bear jump (Joe in the red shorts).  Now the Portage is hardly even frozen.

Maybe some of the locals will prove me wrong and be able to remember winters like this from before and maybe February will really beat us up, but it seems like every year we live here the snow comes later and later in the fall, melts still into January and goes away quicker in the spring. Maybe it’s just me though… I hope it is just me!


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