Totally Overrun

We are totally overrun with eggs right now! There are about 350 of them in our fridge and not much else! Thankfully the veggie and cheese drawers have managed to stay egg free and the top shelf is full of milk, juice and random open containers/leftovers… but otherwise our entire fridge is full of eggs! They aren’t old enough for me to boil yet for things like egg salad either so we’re stuck until some of them get to be a couple of weeks old. I recently visited the incredible egg website and I think I will be including more eggs in our diet and have been thinking of some way to sell them better out of the house.  We do have a sign but since our schedules are more sporadic there is never just one time when we are home to always put the sign out, and I think it would be annoying for customers to never know when the sign will be there so we’re still working on that one.  Some sort of self-serve would be ideal but without a shelter or outdoor power etc. that isn’t working for us yet either.  We’ll figure something out eventually!


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