Happy New Years

Happy New Year!  Joe made us a supper of shrimp, cheese/crackers/sausage, baked whitefish and collard greens (my favourite part of supper) for supper along with some wine and then champagne later.  This year we actually stayed up to watch the ball drop.

Today I thought I would share the top posts this year

1. 5lb. ground beef – This is the most popular search that brings people to my site.  People seem to be very worried about buying ground beef in a tube.  Or maybe they want to know what someone would possibly do with that much ground beef.  I don’t know, but it was popular!

2. Saturday, November 29th, 2008 – This post was before I added words, when I was just taking a picture everyday.  Sometimes people click on ‘random post’ for my blog and this is the post that word press almost always chooses.  I don’t know why but it is a bit annoying! Although, Buddy and Ocean sleeping together is pretty cute.

3. Dead-Leaf Moth – I’m guessing people found a similar moth and wanted to know what it was!  I don’t know what it was either but it was pretty interesting to look at!

4. Lazing About – Another not very interesting post… we had a lazy day and I wrote about it. Probably wouldn’t be the first post I would pick, but lots of people did! It is always nice to have a lazy kind of day.

5. Snowshoeing – This is from last year when I tried to take Cora out snowshoeing.  It was awful and no fun and I haven’t tried since.  Now that she is older maybe she would be more fun and better at going along.  I don’t feel the urge to try again yet though.

6. Two Not-Pepperoni Pizzas – I think people must have been looking for different types of pizza to try here.  I like almost all other types of pizza but my favourite is still just pepperoni, or pepperoni with olives.

7. 1920’s Record Player – Lots and lots of people like to read about Joe’s old record player! We don’t play it too often but every once in awhile we’ll load it up and play some records on it while we’re cooking supper or something.

8. Gun Cleaning – A lot of people were also interested in Joe’s gun cleaning.  Maybe they wanted to know how to do it, or wanted to find someone to do it for them.  Who knows!

9. Old-Fashioned Snow Roller – A neat little part of the history of the area here.  Plus, Cora is in this post and she is super tiny.  We were on an outing to try and socialize her.

10. Crockpot Chicken, Stuffing and Sweet Potatoes – I’m still not a huge fan of sweet potatoes but we have cooked them in much, much better ways since we tried to make these fries so at least now I’ll eat them!

11. Soap Nuts Review – I still like the soap nuts, and I especially like the idea of them being a bit better for the environment etc. but I did learn that after awhile they just can’t compete with regular laundry soap to get our workout clothes clean.  Now I often use Tide Sport which seems to get our workout clothes much cleaner! I still think soap nuts are perfectly good for regular, lightly soiled clothes.


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