Our Trip to Marquette

Today Joe and I went to Marquette.  We’ve only been to Marquette one other time, and that wasn’t on purpose… we were supposed to be going to a Draft Horse Show but we missed it by a week and since we were already halfway we just kept going.  This time we purposefully went to Marquette for the afternoon.  We stopped at the feed store for some supplies, we could have gotten them here but thought we’d go there for a change, and then stopped by a music store and wandered around Big Lots although we didn’t find anything we had to have at either of those places.

We went to Target next to use a gift card we had and ended up buying some kitchen items we liked.  After Target we went to Lowe’s because we also have a gift card for that store but after wandering around we decided to save it for now since nothing called to us irresistibly…. We’re thinking we may put it towards the creation of a kitchen island that we’ve been wanting.

Finally, we stopped at Best Buy and Gander Mountain mostly just to look around but Joe did find a couple of CD’s he has been wanting at Best Buy.  We ended our trip with some Culver’s drive through and then headed back to Dollar Bay.  It was a fun trip and more shopping than we usually do!  Our dogs were a bit mad when we got home after their supper time, but they forgave us eventually.

Joe picked these out for the chickens when he saw them at the feed store… technically for ‘insect eating wild birds’ our domesticated, everything-eating chickens just loved them! I thought about trying to give each chicken a worm just to make sure they all got at least one but as soon as I started spreading them around the chickens went wild and I think they all made sure to get some… no one was left out 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Marquette

  1. I didn’t know they made cranberry flavored mealworms! cool! lol
    I’m going to look around down here in SW Louisiana to see if I can find some
    for our birds. 🙂

  2. I know! I don’t know why regular little worms wouldn’t be just as good but ours happened to be cranberry flavoured, maybe some birds are picky about their treats. This was only a medium sized bag but they did have even bigger ones there too.

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