A Player Piano and Temporary House Guest

Today Joe got a free player piano!  He has been looking at them for awhile, and this particular one was available awhile ago but then someone else beat Joe to the ad.  Fortunately that person ended up not wanting the piano so Joe got to have it!

The piano is from about 1908-1909 and was built by the Aeolian piano company out of New York.  For how old it is it is in pretty darn good shape, and it shouldn’t take too terribly much to get it working again.  It does play of course, but some of the keys are broken and it needs tuning very badly.

As Joe was unloading the piano, with the help of his friend (it is extremely large and heavy), a wandering cat passed by and stopped to say Hello.  Joe didn’t recognize the cat, so he brought it inside for awhile to decide what to do with it.

Temporarily named Snuffy, It turned into a She and she ate a big bowl of food… got some pets and then we kicked her out 🙂  She seemed well fed and healthy, her coat was nice and she smelled a bit like perfume, she was friendly and tame and oh so sweet… so we decided that she must be someone’s cat even though we don’t recognize her and she isn’t one of our immediate neighbors cats.  We put food and water and a cozy bed outside for her and she saw it and then went out for a stroll and we lost track of her.

Update on Snuffy: Kitty has come back to eat at least once that I actually saw her, and a few other times food was gone from our outside bowl so I think she came back multiple times for a snack.  We still think she belongs to someone but we’re not sure if she is lost, or just visiting us because she knows we’re suckers and will feed her.  Either way I’ll keep food out for her and keep an eye out for her.  I’m tempted to put a collar on her with a note for her owners asking them to call me and tell me to quit feeding their cat 🙂 That way I’d know she lived close by and was just visiting and not lost and/or homeless.  If she is homeless she is welcome inside… we just don’t want to steal someone’s cat! For now at least she has a cozy spot to sleep and a bowl of food always outside for her (water just freezes so I quit doing that)… just incase!


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