Grilled Steak, Kale and Parsnips

I worked again today so Joe made us some super tasty supper when I came home.  It included grilled steak (like he went out and grilled in the snow), braised Kale and a parsnip puree.

Marinading the steak

Kale going into the water

Joe said he cooked my steak unforgivably long but I thought it turned out perfectly! It was especially good to eat it with kale and parsnip all in the same bite 🙂

I set my plate down and then went to go get something to drink and when I left Cora she was on the floor and I told her not to touch my food because she had already taken a lick at my steak and she listened, she did not touch my food, but she did climb onto the couch and sit right in front of it as if it was hers!  Buddy waited patiently in his normal spot on the floor.  Both dogs did get some steak of course too.



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