Cora was so spoiled by everyone over Christmas and she has been enjoying all of her new toys since!

This toy is from Joe’s brother, Sam, he picked it out all by himself so that he could play tug with her.  I don’t know how much tug they got to play but she definitely loves her toy.

For awhile she went back and forth between her new rat, from my family, and her new rope toy.  She also got some new tennis balls too, from both sides of the family in two different sizes and colours.  Really Buddy got tennis balls from my family, but Cora will probably end up stealing them in the house since Buddy only plays when we are outside.  When we go outside with them to play we have to take two balls and then Buddy will chase one too 🙂

Cora and Buddy also got some cookies for Christmas along with a bag of cookie mix for us to make them.  Cora got too excited one day and dug the bag of cookie mix out of another bag and ripped it open to eat.  We saved most of it though, plus she didn’t eat the directions, so we can still make them cookies!  Buddy will be happy about that.


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