Christmas Eve 2011

Today we spent the day hanging out and around Joe’s parent’s home.  We had a big breakfast and then we played with the dogs and built a Gingerbread Sleigh and did some other things with Joe’s brother Sam.  Most of us took a bit of a nap during the afternoon and then we headed over to their Grandparent’s house for Joe’s  dad’s side of the family Christmas.

There was a huge appetizer buffet for supper, tons of gifts, and kids and relatives. The kids got to play and track Santa on the internet and everyone ate plenty of food, then one of Joe’s younger cousins read the Christmas Story before all the gift opening began.  The littler kids went first (this picture is all of them opening gifts!) and then the family had a white elephant gift exchange as well.  After the white elephant was done Joe and I had to head out to check on the dogs (we were worried Cora would do something naughty) but everyone else pretty much stayed to have some dessert and talk awhile longer before heading home to wait for Santa Claus to visit.


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