Traveling to Minnesota

Back on the road again today, Joe and I  headed to Minnesota to see his family for Christmas.  This drive is a little bit longer than our drive to Wisconsin but we were able to leave early enough so we didn’t get there too late.

The dogs did fantastic on both trips.  Our trip to Wisconsin was Cora’s first trip coming with us and her first long trip in the car so she didn’t know what to expect at first but after a little bit she learned to just lay down and go to sleep or look out the window.

Cora did think the back windshield wiper was pretty cool for a bit 🙂

The dogs had most of the back of the car.  We wedged our suitcase against the seats in the back and then most of our other things were on the floor behind our seats so the dogs had as much room as possible.  They took turns sitting in the very back and just the back seat (I think really Buddy decided where he wanted to sit and Cora bounced around him).  Sometimes they both sat up in the back seat like they did here and were getting pets or looking out the windows.  We only had to stop for them once over both trips and it was on the way down to Minnesota… we thought Cora was whining to go to the bathroom but she suckered us so they got walks in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Wisconsin, on a side road.  But they really didn’t want to go to the bathroom, they wanted to go for a walk!


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