Deal Breaker

I had just cleaned the house… vacuumed, swept, cleaned up cluttery things… and I told Cora that we were going out of town in a couple days so if she could not make any messes until we got home that would be wonderful.

I though we had a deal.  No messes until we get home, then you can do whatever you want. But somehow Cora missed our deal and she decided to yank stuffing out from Buddy’s dog bed and rip open and distribute a bag of trash downstairs.  I didn’t take a photo of the trash mess but it was way worse. Not as bad as it could have been or anything, but I still had to clean it up!


2 thoughts on “Deal Breaker

    • Thanks! A week later we’re still unpacking and putting things back to normal 🙂 I hope you guys made it back home safe and sound too. Joe says the documentary was called Trek Nation. Hope that helps!

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