A House by our House

Right next to our house, between us and our closest neighbors, there is a tiny little building that is totally falling down… down as in unsalvageable – the roof is caved in and the walls are bulging.  It is so well made and it looks so cute that I like to think it was a little tiny house.  It may have been a shed, or a storage building.. but to me, it was a little house.  Maybe it was the first little house they built when it was just a young couple starting a farm, before they could build a bigger house… or it could have been a cute little play house I guess, or a guest house. Or a shed of course, but like I said… I like to think it was a house 🙂

Can you see the caved in roof? The walls look nicely built and the building had really nice siding put on it.  There is an outer white door, and then an inner door that is still bright green.  It did have electricity to it and we’ve got some of the old green insulators from it in the house here.

Next to the house is an actual little shed. It looks like the other little sheds around the old chicken coops near the barn except it has what looks like a little door so maybe it was a chicken coop?

Kinda weird to put the door halfway up I guess but our chicken door isn’t on the ground either, they have a ramp into their door so it isn’t totally weird.  Otherwise the small shed, next to the big shed, has a weird window in it.  Who knows!

A few feet from the two buildings is a bunch of weird farm equipment and our well.  I hate the well. It might be a cistern.. either way I’m not a fan (and I’m not going to go looking to figure out what it is either!).  It has a dumb little cover on it and it is conveniently right behind our actual house (just a few feet out the back door) which makes me nervous. We didn’t know this was here when we bought the house, although we still would have bought it, we found out when we moved in and I was looking out the window and saw something under the melting snow.  I asked Joe if it was a planter or a well and he went to look and said it is definitely not a planter…whether it is a well or a cistern who knows! I would eventually like to cap it either, with or without a pump, just to make it safer.

The back side of the little house has two cute little windows. I peeked inside but couldn’t really see too much, but then I only did look in the window closest to us from the picture.  Joe went out after me and peeked in the windows too and he thought he saw what looked like a toilet and a lamp hanging from the ceiling.  I want to go back out now and see too! I’d love to go inside and peak around but I think that might be too dangerous since it is falling down and so unstable.. I’m not even sure the door would open now either. See our house behind this one? It really is right next to our house, although in the summer time trees and vines mostly hide this little building.  In the winter it is very visible!

The windows even opened out with hinges and it looked like they used to be painted red.  I guess it could have been a little work shop or something too but whatever it was they must have spent a reasonable amount of time in here to make it so nice with such nice siding/construction, opening windows, double doors and electricity.  It definitely doesn’t look like the other out buildings we have that were pieced together from whatever was handy.

Just down the hill from the little house is our root cellar in the side of our hill.  Joe went in here once but I have never gone inside.  It is a little bit creepy and the door frame is falling down on one side so I would be worried to go inside, even if it is perfectly safe. You can see the top of the hill – with our horse fence posts and then in the upper right you can get a glimpse of our pole barn in the distance.


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