Two Times the Spaghetti

Today I made some easy spaghetti for supper so when I work late we can eat sooner rather than later after I get home and all Joe has to do is put it in the oven to heat it up instead of worrying about cooking too.

I made a whole box of pasta, so we could eat some and freeze some, and added ground beef to it along with regular spaghetti sauce.  If I had thought ahead better I would have used onion and garlic and added more basil and spices, but I totally didn’t think of any of that before hand.  So it was pretty plain but it was still edible and we had some good garlic bread that made up for it!

The larger one on the right we had for supper and used for our lunches the following day.  The smaller one on the left went into the freezer so that next week we have something easy for supper for one night when we are busy.  The one we froze, when I thaw it and bake it, I think I will add the extra spices and tasty ingredients to make it a bit better!

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