Some of our Other Buildings

I can’t remember if I’ve ever shown you our other buildings or not! I may have, probably have, but probably won’t go looking for that post and while I was out tramping to take barn pictures I decided to take pictures of all the other buildings too.  I generally totally forget they are out there but they are pretty interesting. Some are in better shape than others, and some, like the trailer, aren’t technically buildings at all!

The red building…it has weird bits of wood in it and that is all I can see from the door.  I have never been in this building before. 🙂 It is falling down.

The trailer that isn’t officially a building.  It is sitting behind a building though and it is kind of crooked and very stuck where it is right now. It is full of what looks like cedar shingles and who knows what else… I haven’t been in here either.

Building 65. Don’t ask us why it says this, I doubt there was ever that many buildings here! This one is kind of patch worked together and I have no idea what it was used for.  It is quite big though and I like to think it would make a nice home for goats with a bit of work of course.  There is a lot of random trash and old tools and more who knows what that I can see from the doorways. Can you imagine, I have also never been in here 🙂 I think Joe has been in most of these buildings or at least looked at them more than I have.

Our little clump of old smaller chicken coops.  There is another one behind the one in front, that you can’t see at all, along with a little fenced in outdoor chicken room that is separate.  There are some random little storage boxes too that you can see.. they must have held feed etc.  The one on the far right, where you can see part of an old tractor tire, contains a large metal wood stove at the moment.  Don’t ask why, we have no idea!

  Usually I forget about all of these little buildings and random spots because we see them everyday but when I do think about them I love them because they are interesting and charming and old and I like to wonder what they were used for.  In reality I probably should hate them because they are falling down, we probably can’t save most of them and they don’t look the best, not to mention I don’t use them, fix them, or even usually think of them… but I still like them!


2 thoughts on “Some of our Other Buildings

  1. I like seeing pictures like this. I like old buildings too! 🙂 Your place is so interesting and has so much potential. Thanks for sharing!

    • I have some more yet of another building next to the house but I just haven’t quite posted it yet, I’m a bit behind again but it is one of my favourites. Some people in the community still remember coming here as kids when it was a full working farm to see animals and buy chicken/eggs but it has been so long we haven’t heard from anyone about what was exactly where. Too bad we don’t have pictures or something!

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