Our Barn

I’m pretty sure I have posted pictures of our barn before but I thought I would add some more because I love our barn.  Although, I wish it wasn’t super creepy and full of stuff/trash/we have no idea whats in there.  It has 4 rooms plus a loft.  I have been inside the front half of the barn exactly once, the day we bought our house almost 3 years ago now! Joe and I went to see it, I can’t remember if it was right after we closed quick before we went back to work, or whether it was after work when we met there but he said it was my house now too and I had to go into it.  So I did.  I can hardly remember a thing though besides, it is creepy and dirty and full of spiders so I’m out of here!  I’ve been in the back half a few more times, Joe has a shop in the very back and the third room in from the front of the barn I have been in maybe 3 times.

In the mornings when I take the dogs out I always walk past it and wonder what it in there and think that I really should just put on a bunch of clothes and a hate and get a broom and go in there… but so far I haven’t done it yet.  Joe has gone in there and found a few treasures but even he has only been in there a handful of times!

Our barn is made from wood, cinder blocks and metal sheets depending on which part of the barn you look at.  It wasn’t all made at one time. The walls are filled with straw in at least some places and it used to be green… now it is only sort of green in some spots and faded in others.  It has at least one bird house as part of it too, can you see it?  All the way up at the top where the roof comes down to meet the left wall.

Neat old hinges on one of the doors.

Paint cans in the loft that I’ve never really been in.  I don’t even know if the same loft runs the entire length of the barn or if it is split.  I did stand at the top of the stairs on that day and look in that direction but I can’t even remember what it looks like any longer!

The back door of the barn, where Joe’s shop is, with a neat old chimney (nothing is attached at the other end right now though) and a door into the loft area.  It must have had stairs maybe (since the board on the ground looks like it was part of stairs), or maybe a ladder or something… who knows!

The back of the barn… Joe’s shop has neat block windows that he can open or close if he wants to, you can’t see through them when they are closed but they will keep the room warmer!

This room, the second in the barn, used to be used for chickens as well and it has a little door on the back.  I think I’ve posted about that before, but if we ever wanted more chickens this room would be easy to use!

I know I have taken a photo of this before too.  There is another door into the loft from the back here, and then this weird little room that is falling off the barn on the end.  I have no idea what used to be in it but it is interesting.


2 thoughts on “Our Barn

  1. Hey, that would be a really cool building to have all kinds of workshop space and maybe a room for art projects and cabinet-making or something similar. You could also organize all kinds of storage. Nice building!

    • Thanks! It would be perfect for extra rooms, we have 3 looms and a spinning wheel and tons of craft supplies that would make a nice craft area in one of them. One is currently already a shop room and the others would be fun to just have cleaned out, who knows what we’d end up with in them. We just have to go in and clean it out now…

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