A Full Day of Shopping

Today Joe and I got up, had some breakfast (homemade bread and bacon sandwiches) and then got dressed and headed out for a long day of shopping.  Our travels took us up to Calumet, to go to one store,  and then back to downtown Houghton, to go to four more stores, and then finally up to the mall and Wal-Mart which took us to four additional stores.  We also had to pick up my milk because I didn’t yesterday and we finally picked up lunch on the way home too.  By the time we were finished we were so ready to go home and get away from the shoppers! But we were successful and much of our shopping is now finished.  We have a few more projects that we are working on and a handful of things to buy yet but we’re on the home stretch!  A good thing too since we’ll be seeing my family already in about a week and a half and then Joe’s family right after that!

I really wanted a tree this year but since it is already almost Christmas I might not end up with one… so this little one on the counter may have to do.  As you can see, I’ve decided to shove gifts under it anyways.  Now I just need to be careful for the next week so that I don’t get any of the wrapping paper wet from doing dishes.  I think I may end up moving the gifts to a safer spot anyways since I’m worried Cora may try to eat the paper when we’re at work next week… we’ll see.  Not to mention, when we get the rest of our gifts they won’t all fit on the counter top!

Last night Cora decided to eat some of my decorations.  And then somehow she got them stuck to herself and when I came home she was walking around all Christmasy.

Tonight Joe and I are watching a TV show on Iron Man (almost exactly 9 months until his own Iron Man race!) and then we’ll watch a movie.  I am baking pollock for supper because I didn’t put a chicken in the oven early enough to roast.  I was reading how to prepare pollock and I read that it may contain small parasitic worms so it has to be cooked to kill them.  How disgusting is that? I’m sure a lot of meat could have something similar…. but gross. I’m cooking the heck out of those fillets right as I type 🙂 I’m also making couscous and salad.  I’m not too familiar with couscous either so tonight might be sparse on the supper front… good thing we had a late lunch and we have lots of popcorn handy for our movie later!

Tomorrow will be filled with projects for both of us and hopefully little or no traveling to town.  Joe plowed today so as long as there is no major snowfall he should be good with that, and I want to take a nap with the two shy cats because they don’t get to visit with us as often as they’d like because of Chloe and Cora.  Beyond that we don’t have anything major planned and it should be another good day!


3 thoughts on “A Full Day of Shopping

    • He would get me a tree, or help me cut one down, but it is getting too late now so I don’t think we will. Next year though, right away in December I want a tree! Or I think it would be fun to have a tree in a pot to decorate that stays living but we’ll see about that, I wonder if Cora would eat it.

  1. The container for a Christmas size tree would be pretty sizable- if anything Cora would be tempted to whiz on it- I’ve known people who have kept a tree in a cut off barrel- wheeled it in and out of the house for 2 years- then planted it when it got larger, and started with another smaller one for the next couple of years…

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