Bok Choi for the Bunnies

This morning I was getting the rabbits their apple and decided at the last minute to give them each a stalk of leftover bok choi instead.  I was surprised but they seemed to like it… I wasn’t sure if they would, sometimes they are weird about what they want to try.

I probably would’ve given the rest of the bok choi to the chickens eventually but it’s good to know the bunnies will eat it too!

Today is a late night for me and I’ve got to run a few errands before work,  Joe has already been at work for hours himself and is just getting over being sick for a few days.  We had a ton of snow last night and it is supposed to continue today, I’ll take a photo of our snow plow the next time Joe goes out and put that up with some snow pictures (I’m sure everyone is just dying to see pictures of snow I know!).  This weekend I’m off and we’ll be finishing up Christmas gifts and planning and doing things around here – like putting a new latch on the chicken coop door and making them warmer for the winter.


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