Undercoat Brush

Both dogs have been shedding like crazy and a week or two ago I brushed and brushed and brushed Buddy and his hair just kept coming out.  Cora is a bit more difficult to brush with her fur and her teeth so we decided to get an undercoat brush, mostly for her, but I used it on Buddy too…

And I got a ton of hair off of Buddy and a good amount from Cora too but then I realized that Buddy’s hair on his back side (where he was shedding the most from, you could just pull chunks out) got really thin all of a sudden… Apparently the brush I bought has little blades on it, so not only does it pull out loose hair… it also cuts hair!  So Buddy is now opposite from where he was… before he had tons and tons of extra hair and now he is missing a bit too much hair.  At least I stopped brushing him and noticed something was wrong because he still has enough hair to keep him warm.  I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to use that kind of brush on him, and I definitely didn’t realize my brush had actual blades on it!  There should be a warning or something and there was nothing!  Poor Buddy.  I told Joe I’d make him a jacket but Joe says he is just fine and still has enough hair…I felt pretty bad.  I hope it grows back quickly! I guess he was losing so much because his winter coat was growing in, so hopefully it keeps growing and replaces the right amount of hair so he isn’t shedding so much but that he has more than he does now!  The brush did work well on Cora although she only tolerated so mush brushing before she’d had enough 🙂


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