A Rainbow of Eggs

As of this picture we have gotten about 9,193 eggs, possibly needing to add some of course too because by now our records aren’t 100% accurate…sometimes they break an egg before I collect it or occasionally I’ll forget to record a day and I’ll have to try and remember approximately how many we got.  Generally though our number is pretty close!

Now our eggs come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  Green ones to blue ones, white ones and cream ones, some that are light enough brown they look pink and some are really dark brown.  Some end up with speckles even.  Some are so fat and round that they hardly even fit in a jumbo egg container and others are too small or skinny to sell so we keep those for ourselves.  Every once in awhile we get a double yolked egg.  It is more common in eggs from young chickens but it doesn’t matter what colour the egg is… someone recently tried to tell me that double yolked eggs only came in brown eggs.  Unfortunately that isn’t true since a huge portion of our eggs were double yolked (and at least one triple-yolk!) when our white egg laying chickens were young.  I haven’t seen a blue double yolk yet but I’m sure it will happen!


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