Spicy Shrimp

Tonight I made spicy shrimp for supper.  There isn’t a recipe and it comes out different every time.  I think this is the third time I’ve made something similar and it has always included rice noodles and shrimp but that is just about the only constant.  This time the vegetables included carrot, bok choi, garlic, red pepper and peas.  I stir fried everything except the peas – which I added in towards the end when there was broth so they could thaw and cook without wrecking the fry part of the stir fry.  The sauce included soy sauce, garlic hoisin sauce, miso paste, some red pepper flakes and some water.  I think one time I added lime juice and I’ve used whatever sorts of Asian sauces we have in the fridge at the time.  Somehow it tastes good, at least to me…maybe it is really a nightmare in a bowl and I just don’t know the difference though 🙂  At least we ate some vegetables.

There are rice noodles on the bottom of the bowl and then a bunch of broth and vegetables and shrimp scooped on top with some chopped up green onions on the very top.


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