Baking and Snow Removal

Today I spent most of the day hanging out in the house … I baked a couple loaves of bread, we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast… I read my book for awhile, made some pudding for dessert, did some laundry, fed animals, collected eggs etc.  Nothing too extreme.  Poor Joe got stuck with plowing today because we got quite a bit of snow last night… so he had to spend most of the afternoon outside getting the plow ready and going, and then he had to plow on top of it.

Everyone should know by now that I am not a good baker.  My first loaf of bread came out flat.  It looked beautiful but then I let it sit a bit longer and then I put egg white on it and it sank.  Bummer.   The only reason I made a second loaf is because I was sure I could get it right.  But then, when it was time to put it in the oven and it looked perfect I realized I hadn’t pre-heated the oven this time so my second loaf didn’t turn out that much better by the time I did pre-heat the oven! Still good enough to eat though of course.  The first loaf went towards making little tuna melts for a snack and then some of it got crumbled into the meatloaf that is baking for our supper!  The second one we’ll just eat for bread this week since I haven’t been buying much store-bought bread lately except for fresher stuff from the bakery like french bread or baguettes to go with soup etc.


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