Officially Christmas Season

Christmas came here today…I got out all of our things and decorated the house! Even the bathrooms, mud room and sun porch got a couple decorations… although the majority are in the dining room, living room and kitchen… and outside!  All we need is a nice Christmas tree now and maybe a few more things but we’ll see… I got a bunch of new things last year after Christmas for super cheap clearance prices like bows and wrapping paper, new tinsel and even a mail box cover! I don’t have a photo but our mail box has a red cover with Santa Claus on it 🙂

A door wreath I made today from sticks, birch bark, pine needles, felt, cinnamon sticks and a considerable amount of hot glue.  It definitely isn’t as pretty as the beautiful, big pine wreaths you can buy at the store (or maybe make yourself) but it is still hanging on our front door!  I tried to make a dried orange wreath at first but in my impatience to dry out orange slices i burnt them…

Even some of the fence posts are decorated..

The chicken coop has a wreath and I stuck little signs into the soft bedding outside their coop.  You can’t see them very well but it will snow again soon and they will be covered up anyways… plus, the ground is too hard to put them elsewhere.  They thought I was nuts and were all watching me.

Buddy adding some extra red to the kitchen 🙂

I put up a little tree on the kitchen counter.  Not the best spot but I wanted to put it somewhere and this works… three weeks is easy.  I bought spinach dip and bread for us to eat before supper.  We had pot roast (I made it on the stove top for a change) and baked potatoes for supper and then sweet potato pudding for dessert which was actually pretty good but very, very sweet!

The finches got a little bit of decoration.

And the rabbits got a bit too.

Officially we have enough stockings for us and our animals if you count the two rabbits and two birds together at least.  We didn’t actually buy them all stockings… I had them to decorate a long time ago and it just happens to work out now that we have so many!  That is super dorky I know.  Technically we did buy Buddy and Ocean ones (the cat/dog ones hanging on the loom) but after that we got so many of them that we didn’t buy more!  Maybe I’ll make them all gifts this year and actually stuff them.  I know that would be 10 times even dorkier than just having enough stockings for our animals to begin with!

Cora demonstrating the spot where the Christmas tree will go.  I’m wondering how long it will take her before she knocks it down 🙂



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