Turkey Stock

Tonight we had some more turkey for supper…turkey stir-fry with carrots and broccoli and rice.  Nothing fancy at all and my rice was only ok… I have almost always purchased Minute-style rice that cooks fast and easy and it comes in white and brown.  We have gotten other rice for special things like risotto but for the most part my rice cooking comes from a box and cooks easy.  Well, a few weeks ago I was looking at rice and finally realized if I took a bit more time and made real rice it would be a lot cheaper.  So I bought a bunch and cooked some last night and it is hardly any more difficult than Minute rice but it takes about 20 minutes instead of 5 and apparently I didn’t use quite enough water because my rice was just a tiny bit crunchy but we still ate it.  My rice cooking skills need some work!

After supper I made the rest of our turkey stock in the crockpot.  The first batch came from the main carcass of the turkey.  This second batch I used the rest of the bones that I had peeled meat from like the legs and wings and I also threw in the bones leftover from our rooster supper….so the second batch is chicken-turkey stock but it will be just as good!  Both batches had a variety of vegetables… onion, carrot, garlic, celery…when I cut off the ends or peel garlic or have extra celery I shove it in the freezer with the leftover bones.

The first batch got us about 12 cups…. 5 containers in the freezer and then I used some for supper that day too.

The second batch made roughly the same amount of chicken-turkey stock and I put two bigger containers into the freezer and used a similar containerful for tomorrow’s supper.


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